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What's New In The Massage World? The 'The Massage Company' of course!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023


22nd Feb 2023 7.30pm

Picture courtesy of Christine Stella Coker

Staff posing with Harrow Mayor Cllr Janet Mote (Centre)

Sunil Sharma Director (left)

First Impressions

I initially found out about The Massage Company via social media during the tale end of 2022 and decided to pre-book a discounted introductory massage. The funny thing is that when I mentioned this to one of my girlfriend's they were a little skeptical and she joked "the premises hasn't even been built yet how do you know that you won't loose your money or that the service will be any good because there are no reviews to go by?" Well the truth is, I didn't, but my gut feeling wanted to pursue this and I ignored her well meant advice. Following my booking, after around a month, my inbox presented me with a VIP invitation to the opening launch. I thought that it sounded great and put it in my diary.

Picture Courtesy of The Massage Company

It was a mild evening on Wed 22nd February 2023. Things have been a little stressful of late and we all need a little release, so even though I was not necessarily in the mood as I had actually had some bad news earlier in the day, I still decided to go along to the Massage Company's evening official opening launch night, with the view that I needed cheering up.

So I travelled down to the venue and followed my reliable Google Map but in actual fact there really was no need because as I approached the building I was met with an abundance of decorative balloons. "Looks exciting!" I thought to myself. As I got closer a flurry of people were entering the place and I followed suit. Walking into the ambience of an exciting buzz of chatter, laughter and photoshoot preparations with the team, I felt very at home and welcome as staff and other attendees smiled and greeted me. I was encouraged to have some Moet Chandon champagne and try the cuisine which was on offer. I could get used to this!

Picture courtesy Christine Stella Coker

The Grand Tour

Company director Sunil Sharma took me on a grand tour. Two floors of zen treatment rooms. I was extremely impressed with the layout of the building and the treatment's room décor is extremely relaxing to the eye - even the rest rooms are gorgeous! It certainly made me go 'Wow' and I was already keen to definitely come back. I could visualise myself here in this relaxed ambience, escaping quite happily from the outside world.

As I was shown around, Sunil was clearly passionate about being at the centre of this groundbreaking new venture. So I asked him to tell me more. He went on to explain:

''We were looking for a business to launch within the health sector that was different to current things out there and were interested in bringing this concept to Harrow mainly because we were looking to do something unique.

All three of the directors including myself have been having regular massage for many years. The benefits of regular massage are tenfold, not only to do with the benefits to muscle tension release, blood flow, assistance with medical conditions like muscle knots, sciatica, and rehabilitation but also the relaxation benefits including lowering of blood pressure and heart rate and much more.

For me receiving a good massage is like a form of meditation and would love it if everyone can experience this.

Our membership options ensure that people can build in regular massage treatment into their schedule. People spend money on gym memberships and activity-based fitness and likewise the body recovering and repairing is of utmost importance just as it is to work out the body. People who are into fitness like yourself find it a lot easier to see the benefits of something like massage.

The benefits of regular massage are too many to list, but many are individual, even if it is just having some down me time in a quiet and relaxing environment, as our lifestyles all seem to be ‘go go go’ at the moment.

We do have a selection of Therapists and additional Therapists will also be starting towards the end of March as they go through our specialist training programme."

So, after the grand guided tour Sunil escorted me back to the launch gathering area where, I had some more champagne and indulged in the culinary delights that were on offer. What's not to love!

I really felt comfortable and relaxed and started to mingle with the crowd and then chatted to some people and other staff members. All in all a fabulous night out!

Picture courtesy Christine Stella Coker

Massage Experience

12.3.2023 4pm

So, it was weeks later and today was the day for my massage and I can tell you, I was so looking forward to it! I actually hadn't had a massage in ages and my body was in dire need of some T.L.C!

I arrived on time and had a very warm welcome from one of the staff members who asked me my what my name was and confirmed that I had a booking for 4pm. I was then advised to take a seat in the relaxing lounge area which was very clean and well lit. I was offered a glass of water and then advised that I would have to fill out a health questionnaire which I proceeded to do on the iPad.

The questionnaire was uncomplicated and pretty straight forward. One of the features that I appreciated was the drawing facility so I could circle on a diagram of the part of body where I had problem so this would give the therapist a good idea visually, where to concentrate on and apply the right pressure on that particular muscle group. This actually reminded me of what I do in some of my mindfulness courses - we do a meditation and I encourage people to sense into the sensations that may come up in the body and then they circle areas of a body diagram so they are more fully aware of areas of the body where pain or discomfort can manifest. Also, it reminded me of my Anatomy and Physiology training as a professional in the business and I can understand how they are imparting this knowledge to the customer, but not in a complex form, which is so important so people can understand things in a simple way. My only question that I didn't ask was if a paper based alternative to complete the questionnaire for people who may not be IT savvy and I think that this is a good option to have, as then you are catering for clients holistically.

I liked the fact that I was not rushed or pressured into filling the form quickly and was put as ease as the staff member said I can take my time and also it I needed any assistance, he was available to help me.

“Biophilic design is the deliberate attempt to translate an understanding of the inherent human affinity to affiliate with natural systems and processes''

Pic courtesy of Christine Stella Coker

This photo (above) of 'real' flowers can be the inspiration and be re-created in workplaces using artificial plants - that is exactly what the Massage company have tried to emulate.

I was then advised that my therapist would be out in a few moments to escort me to my treatment room. I must say, I felt very valued, was given lots of attention and like the fact that I was not just sent down the corridor to the room (and knowing my sense of direction I would have got lost!). I met my massage therapist who was called Neddy. I mentioned to Neddy that I needed to use the rest room and he guided me to where this was and patiently waited outside, which I liked, because it showed that I was being taken care of as a customer. By the way, the restroom was beautifully designed, clean and I like that sense of pampering myself in a restroom! There were also some artificial plants that looked so nice and not tacky. This company have used their initiative and placed things in the bathroom that connect with nature and thus it connects with our own nervous system in a hugely beneficial way as it acts as a calming agent for us. The technical term is one that we describe as being of Biophilic design “Biophilic design is the deliberate attempt to translate an understanding of the inherent human affinity to affiliate with natural systems and processes.''

I preceded to then follow my therapist into the room. He double checked with me, before we proceeded as to the type of massage that I had been booked in for, which was a 50 mins sports massage. He asked me to reiterate if there were any parts of my body which were painful at times and I had remembered, at that point that I had forgotten to mention in the initial consultation that as well has having shoulder pain in my left side that I too had a case of 'flat feet' and had been wearing appropriate insoles but I still periodically felt pain in my feet from time to time. Being a fitness, I know if a person is fully and professionally trained to a good standard and Neddy ticked all the right boxes. Neddy started mentioning the correct terminology about the problematic areas which are technically called the scapula and went on to mention things about the feet such as “overpronation” (it is a layman's terms meaning you are not standing correctly thus turning the hips inwards) and he had good knowledge about my condition adding that the massaging of the arches of your feet improves circulation, reduces tenderness and makes walking less painful. He definitely knows what he is talking about because I have studied all of this myself - I was very impressed and knew I was in good hands.

Neddy then very subtly suggested that I could also have an upgrade to my massage for an even more enriching experience, so if I want to I could use some form of equipment that would further stimulate the nerves in my feet and/or add some aromatherapy to the session but I agreed to possible try this the next time I visited. what I liked about the suggestion, was that I didn't feel pressured at all and I appreciated him telling me about this additional option. Neddy then advised that he would leave the room and give me some time to get myself comfortable and get onto the massage couch.

Picture courtesy of The Massage Company Facebook post Nov 16th 2021

What I noticed straight away was that the massage couch was heated! Wow! Talk about being thoroughly spoilt, and the massage hadn't even started yet! Also, when I lay down on the massage couch there is a built in face rest cradle for comfort. As I settled myself into position, I was was pleasantly surprised to see a diffuser beneath me, emitting a beautiful array of colours - so relaxing as was the chilled Zen music. So then my therapist knocked and asked if it was okay for him to re-enter to which I say yes. Eventually I did close my eyes and the next 50 mins was so pleasant. Neddy preceded to massage me with the right pressure (as he kept communicating with me throughout) and made me feel very at ease and so comfortable. I felt that he was genuinely interested in me as a person and not just a 'client' as he was interested in what I do as a profession and wanted to know more about what Pilates actually entailed. The conversation was light, pleasant and not in the slightest intrusive, which I like as it felt very respectful and not noisy! My only complaint is that I didn't want it to finish! I felt so relaxed, peaceful and energised by the end of the experience. As I left the building to make my way home. I felt as if I was walking on a cloud and was beaming from ear to ear. So much so, that I went onto Google review on the way home and wrote the following....

The Massage Company

12-13, Station Parade, Belmont Cir, Kenton Ln, Harrow

a day ago NEW

Absolutely fantastic. A welcome addition to Belmont Circle, Kenton. Professional welcome from the staff and I felt very special! Big thank you to my therapist, Neddy who had superb expertise, knowledge and in addition had a calming caring nature so I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed. The therapy room was one of great ambience and I felt all my troubles melt away! I have no hesitation in recommending The Massage Company. Thank you MC!

Response from the owner

Hello Christine, it's a pleasure to hear that you were able to have such relieving experience with Neddy as we want all our guests to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you for your wonderful review and recommendation of The Massage Company and we hope to see you back soon.

Pic courtesy of Christine Stella Coker

If you would like to have a massage at a special reduced rate (one use only) click the "I want a reduced rate massage please" link below! My gift to you!

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Sunil S
Sunil S
Mar 22, 2023


Firstly, many thanks for visiting us. It was wonderful to meet you at the launch party and we are always pleased to be around similar health-conscious people. It was great to share information on the benefits of massage, most of which which you were already aware of.

We also discussed the sync between pilates/walking and how massage aids in the recovery process of the body as well as the numerous other benefits of massage to health.

I am thrilled to hear you had a fantastic massage by Neddy who has a specialism in sports massage. He will be delighted to hear this feedback.

Whether it was Neddy or any one of our 9 other male or female Therapists I…

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