Fitness training and  Mindfulness experiences in abundance



Easter Holidays Kids Outdoor Fitness Session & Picnic!
Wed 13th April 12pm Sudbury Court, Wembley
£5 per child

Mobile: 07903 709 410
Email: wellnessinyourbox@gmail.com
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This fun and relaxing walk combines stories, arts, meditation and mindful movement.

About this event

Open yourself to nature on a spellbinding journey through the magic of nature

  • Legends about nature from around the world

  • Stories from local history

  • Poetry, art and music

  • Meditation and mindful movement


Mindfulness activities and breathing exercises will help you achieve a sense of calm. Slowing down, tuning into Nature Sounds and gentle mindful movement will give you a heightened awareness of your body and the space around you, and will help achieve a more relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Enchanted Forest - Fun And Relaxing Walk  Welsh Harp

Call or Email to book your child's place:
Mobile: 07903 709 410
Email: wellnessinyourbox@gmail.com

Spring is here so the online club is moving outdoors for the warmer months of the year.

It's super important to keep our kids active physically but also to relax their minds as well at the end of a fitness session so they feel rejuvenated and refreshed and it also gives them more clarity and focus.


  • Fun and educational

  • A chance for social interaction with other children

  • Helps to build children's confidence and social interaction skills

  • Giving them a chance to learn new things

  • A fun relaxed online environment.

Wild Talk
Join The Wild Women’s Collective and their Friends for an evening loaded with tips, techniques and activities to boost your well-being.

Pilates Stretching and toning class 

Make some time for you. For all levels. Join us in this fun, relaxing class to help strengthen your body and calm your mind 


  • Stress reduction

  • Increase focus

  • Socialise and connect

  • Increase core strength

  • Improve posture



Hmm... Ye Old Tech won't connect to Zoom?

Ron says "Houston I have a problem!"

My phone got damaged, so I desperately tried to connect to the Mindfulness Zoom session with the old one... What a disaster! Until Christine our tutor arranged some tech support.
Now I have a fancy iPad Mini, a bracket that looks like a robot arm to hold it for me and some ongoing tech support to help keep me connected.
I'm back in my mindfulness class again... Absolutely marvellous!!

old mobile.jpeg